Emergency Response

True Emergency Response – A Precedent Set

FORTY ONE years responding to emergency situations globally. Delivering twenty-four and thirty six hour turnaround in support of aviation related crisis.

An incident would set the tone for how we’d serve clients in the decades to follow. In the late 1980’s Freddy Laker ran his “lunch bag”, no frills airline Laker Airways, based in England. Freddy had a Boeing 737 with 190 passengers, and a full cargo bay, grounded in New Jersey.

In a lapse of judgement a ground person ran a forklift into the elevator during loading. Passengers were stranded in hotels, cargo and goods were held up, and the aircraft was severely damaged.

Tower was contacted, as a tagged and overhauled matching elevator sat in our warehouse. The part however, was ten hours away. How were we to quickly move a 5′ x 18′ x 8″ crate quickly from Canada to New Jersey? The purchase order had come in at noon on Easter Friday.

A cargo door on an available L-1011 was large enough but it only flew from Vancouver or Edmonton, not good enough! Not fast enough! — Routed to Toronto, then trucked to New Jersey because Air Canada did not fly there.

What now? That afternoon at 5:00 PM, Tower Aerospace’s President drove directly to the airport in Calgary to find suitable transport. Only craft available was a venerable, long range, WW2 Douglas DC3! It’d be close, as the measuring tape suggested there’d be little room to spare.

The crate slipped through the clamshell door of the fifty-five year old aircraft with a clearance of 1.5 inches. With two pilots hired, the aircraft left directly for New Jersey that evening. By 10:00 AM with the elevator installed, another crisis was over.